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Hi, I'm Jade Lacosse and this is my hobby site. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada and work as a developer for Stocksy United. If you need to reach me, you can email me at jade@lacos.se

This site

The HTML for this page is maintained by hand. It's currently the easiest way for me to modify the content at my whim. I have a BASH script that optimizes the images using mozjpeg, inlines the CSS with Python, and uploads this site to S3 with the aws cli. The site currently has no Javascript. I love JS, but have no current need for it here.

Some facts about myself

I like to bike in the summer. I like coffee, tea, and beer. I spend a lot of time messing around with computer projects. I can make a decent pizza from scratch. I'm a big nerd and I've been using Linux since 2001. I have a 3D printer which I built from a kit back in 2016. I drive a classic 1989 Toyota Pickup. I love camping, the outdoors, and fishing.



A 3D-Printed, Arduino based desktop analog USB CPU meter project. The source code can be found under the freemeter project. The software has been tested on Linux and Windows, it should work on OS X but I don't have any OS X devices at home and don't want to bug a friend. You can find 3D printable files here on the thingiverse.

3D Printed Ryzen 2400G Small Form Factor Gaming Workstation.

My most recent project is my 3D Printed "Killa B" Ryzen 2400G MiniPC. You can find 3D printable files here. The design is optimized for airflow and portability.